Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Love You

Location: At Home

Felicia [to Aylen]: "I love you."
Aylen: "What do you want?"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey: Also A Paper Towel

Location: At Home

*Aylen has a slice of turkey on her hand*
*Aylen proceeds to wipe the dinning room table with it, and then, with the same slice of turkey, wipes her face*
Fernando [to Aylen]: "Hmm, what are you doing?"
Aylen: "I am cleaning."
*Aylen puts the slice of turkey in her mouth and eats it*

Smells Like Watermelon

Location: Houston Zoo

Felicia [to Aylen]: "Your sister smells like a watermelon."
*Aylen licks Senia's face*
*Aylen makes a face, disgusted*
Aylen: "No, she does not!"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Darren and Jeff

Location: At Home

From Drawings

Editor's Note: Darren was drawn from memory. Jeff is patting Darren on the head while Darren is talking on the phone. The two bosomy circles under the neck are shoulders. Aylen was pretty proud to draw this for Darren.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reverse Psychology

Location: At Home

Aylen [to Felicia]: "MOMMY. COME HERE NOW AND FIX THIS!"
Felicia: "I am not going to fix anything when you talk to me like that."
Aylen: "Oh, I guess Mommy doesn't know how to fix this."

Monday, November 17, 2008

Uncle Gee And Colors

Location: At Home

Felicia [to Aylen]: "Hey, Aylen. Uncle Gee is coming over."
*Aylen runs to her room, grabs her crayons, and puts them on the table*
Felicia: "What are you doing?"
Aylen: "Uncle Gee likes to color!"

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mommy, The Maid

Location: In the Bathroom

*Fernando is giving Aylen and Senia a bath*
*out of the blue, Senia deficates all over the bathtub*
*in an effort to not have the girls smeared with feces, Fernando picks up the girls one by one, rinses them off with the shower, and transfers them to the other bathroom so he could once again start the process of getting them clean*
*Fernando looks at the tub*
Fernando [to Aylen]: "Ewww. That is going to be disgusting to clean."
*Fernando makes a face of disgust*
Aylen: "It is okay, Mommy will clean it."

*Fernando cleans the girls and then begins playing with the girls, forgetting about the tub, leaving it for Felicia who will be coming home from yoga in need of a shower*


Location: At Home

Aylen [to Felicia]: "Birds do not have noses, only faces!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Weight Scale

Location: Grandpa and Grandma's House

*Felicia puts Aylen and Senia on the scale and weights them*
*Felicia then weights herself*
*Felicia is proud because the yoga is getting her back in shape*
Aylen [to Felicia]: "Whoa, Mommy! The numbers went REALLY high!"

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Candy

Location: Front Door / Hallway

*Felicia, upon hearing a neighbor right outside the apartment, opens the door*
Felicia [to neighbor]: "Hey, do you want some Halloween candy? I am afraid I will eat it all."
Student: "No, thanks."
*Aylen, standing by the door, listens to the conversation*
Aylen [to Felicia]: "HHHHEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY. I will eat it all. Don't give it away!"

Charlie And Lola Have No Mother

Location: At Home

*Felicia, Aylen and Senia are watching "Charlie and Lola"*
Felicia [to Aylen]: "See, Aylen! Lola goes to sleep all by herself, without her mommy."
Aylen: "Well, that is because Lola doens't have a mommy. She only has Charlie and Charlie sleeps with her."

Avocado Flavored M&Ms

Location: At Home

Fernando [jokingly, to Aylen]: "Do you see these green M&Ms? Those are avocado flavored M&Ms."
*a few minutes later, Fernando and Felicia notice that Aylen is eating all the M&Ms except the green ones*

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Felicia's Nipples

Location: Mai's Restaurant

*during dinner*
Courtney [to Felicia]: "How many teeth does Senia have?"
Felicia: "Six. And I am still nursing too. I am worried that my nipples are going to start looking like chewed-up gum."
Fernando [to Courtney]: "Yeah. Usually, when I am done with Felicia's nipples, I stick them under the table."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mommy's Hairy Legs

Location:  At Home

Aylen [to Felicia]:  "Mom, you need to cut the little hairs on your legs. They are scratchy."
Felicia:  "What? No, they are not!"
Aylen:  "They hurt me! They are scratchy like Daddy's face!"