Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Play: Untitled

Location: PoeCo

"There was a unicorn, then a princess came, the princess married the prince.  A ballerina came, then a butterfly came.  Then there was a dinosaur.  The dinosaur was nice.  A tree grew, and everybody climbed the tree, even the dinosaur.  The found a bean stalk and got scared.  They climbed down the tree as fast as they could.  Then another ballerina came.  The ballerina said: 'HELP!  HELP!'.  The dinosaur thought she was in trouble.  The dinosaur rescued her."

Unicorn: Claire
Prince: Nathaniel
Princess: Campbell
Dinosaur: Joaquin
Ballerina One: Kiersten
Ballerina Two: Merideth
Tree: Fernando

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