Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Senia Shares An Avocado

Location: At Grandparent's Home

*Grandma gives Senia an avocado and a dull knife*
Grandma: "Take the seed out.  Make sure you share the avocado with Grandpa."
*Senia cuts the avocado, takes out the seed, and serves Grandpa the seed onto his plate*
Senia: "That is Grandpa's part of the avocado."
Grandma: "Senia!  That is not nice.  You didn't give Grandpa any of the avocado."
Senia: "Yes, I did."
*Senia points to the avocado seed*
Grandma: "Senia!  People are going to say that you are mean to your Grandpa."
*Senia proceeds to put the smallest of slivers onto Grandpa's plate*

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