Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Will Give You A Dollar

Location: At Friend's House

Felicia: "I will give you a dollar is you grab one of the [live] crawfish"
Senia: "How about if I grab a cat you give me a dollar?"

The Village

Location: In The Car

*The whole family was in Manvel, Texas, driving into a residential subdivision*
Senia: "Are we going to Abuelita's house?"

Felicia:  "No."
Senia: "Oh. This looks just like her village."

*** Note: The residential subdivision we were driving into looks relatively similar to the residential subdivision in northeast Houston in which Abuelita lives in.

Monday, April 16, 2012

News Of The Day: A Little Boy

Location: PoeCo

Polly Rose: "Once I went to Whole Foods and a little boy blocked me and I just got [undecipherable]. There was stuff. Lollipops and granola bars and apples and some oranges. I got and apple. I went to the car. I had a playdate with Caroline."