Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Want To Hold The Baby

Location: At Home

Senia [to Felicia]: "I WANT TO HOLD THE BABY! I love the baby. How can I pet it? Do I stick my hand down your vagina or do I shove it down your throat?"

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Daddy Is Wearing A Bra

Location: At Home

Aylen [to Felicia]: "So, basically. Wearing underwear is like wearing a bra, for you butt."
Felicia: "Yes. I guess so."

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Location: At Home

*after going to the emergency room and getting rabies shots for touching a bat*
Felicia [to Senia]: "Can I call you Batgirl?"
Senia: "You can call me Batwoman."

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ms. Ward Didn't Say

Location: Texas Children's Hospital

*after Bat Week at school, at the emergency room, getting rabies shots for touching a bat*
Felicia [to Senia]: "Why would you play with a bat?"
Senia: "Ms. Ward didn't say anything bad about the bats. They seemed so nice in class."

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Poseidon's Daugher(s)

Location: Home

Senia [to Felicia]: "Aylen is being a bully."
Felicia: "What did she do?"
Senia [to Felicia]: "Aylen says that she is Poseidon's daughter and I want to also be Poseidon's daughter but I can't because Poseidon only has one child."
Felicia: "Poseidon can have more than one daughter..."

Fast Forwarding Previews

Location: Home

*Felicia put on a cartoon in Mandarin for the kids to watch while they eat and she finishes making their lunches and getting ready*
Aylen [to Felicia]: "Finally, it is starting! Why didn't you fast forward the previews?"
Felicia: "Because you didn't ask me to."
Aylen: "Mom! Fast forwarding the previews is like clapping at the end of a performance. Nobody asks you to clap. You just do it, because it's what you are supposed to do. You clap at the end of performances. You fast forward previews. You just do these things."
Felicia: "Wow! That is a great analogy. Did you come up with that on your own?"
*Aylen sights*
Aylen: "Of course I did."