Friday, June 12, 2009

The H-Word And The F-Word

Location: Dining Room

*Senia gets off her chair during dinner and just goes to the living room to play*
Fernando [to Senia]: "What in the hell! You are not done eating."
*Felicia glares at Fernando the same way Marge Simpson does to Homer Simpson*
Fernando [to Felicia]: "What?"
Felicia: "You know what."
Fernando: "Senia is done with dinner?"
Felicia: "That is not what I am talking about."
*Fernando turns to Aylen*
Fernando [to Aylen, shaking his head]: "You know you can't say the word "hell" at school."
*Aylen nods her head, implying that she can*
Fernando: "No, you can't. You may get in trouble for saying bad words."
*Aylen thinks about it for a second*
Aylen: "Oh. Fuck."

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