Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Princess and the Dragon

Location: PoeCo

"There was a girl that turned into a princess when she saw a dragon. The dragon tried to catch her but he couldn't. He was getting mad, mad, mad, he kept putting fire out, there was fire everywhere. The fire engine came and put out the fire. They kept finding fires. The dragon kept making fire then he put them out because he didn't want anyone to know he was making fire. The police caught the dragon when he was tired, they put a trap on him and he woke up. They took him to jail. The princess was watching the whole time. The princess was scared because she thought she was going to go to jail. She told the police: 'It wasn't me lighting the fires, it was the dragon'. The dragon did not want to go to jail, he cried. The police said: 'We are taking you to jail!'.  The end."

Aylen: Girl / Princess
Nathaniel: Dragon
Claire: Fireman 
Pascal and Lila: Police

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