Monday, August 29, 2011

Tweety Bird Is Missing

Location: At Home

*Felicia put Aylen and Senia to bed, telling them that they were not allowed to get out of bed because otherwise they would be in trouble*
*Ten minutes pass and Senia slowly opens the door, her eyes are watery*
Senia [in a low voice]: "I can't find Tweety." 
Felicia: "I already helped you find her earlier.  Now it is time to go to bed."
*Senia gasps for air, walks back to the room slowly, and wails for ten minutes*
*Felicia gives in and goes to check on Senia*
Felicia: "Alright.  I will help you find her.  You need to stop crying now.  I will help you.  Where did you see her last?"
Senia [crying]: "She was right next to me and now she is lost..." 
*Felicia and Senia tear the room apart for fifteen minutes, Senia looks devastated*
Senia: "I will look in the kitchen to see if he's there."
*Senia finds the bird, hidden inside her kitchen set*
Felicia [suspiciously]: "Did you hid him so I can come here and be with you?"
Senia: "Yes."

*** Note: Senia is utterly convinced that Tweety Bird is a female and currently cannot be persuaded otherwise.

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