Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sick Aylen

Location: Home

*Felicia received a phone call from the school indicating that Aylen was feeling ill, a little later Felicia pulled Aylen out of school*
*Aylen was going home and on the way out she started dancing, jumping around the flag pole, skipping, hopping, and singing*
*Felicia spotted George, a family friend*
Felicia: "Hey, look it is Dr. Soltes over there!  [calling out to George]  George!  George!  Could you please come examine Aylen and let me know if she should go home the rest of the day.  [to Aylen]  You know, George is a doctor." 
*Aylen's face fell and then she sprinted fifty feet and hid behind a tree*
*Needless to say, Felicia put Aylen back in school*

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