Friday, November 14, 2008

Mommy, The Maid

Location: In the Bathroom

*Fernando is giving Aylen and Senia a bath*
*out of the blue, Senia deficates all over the bathtub*
*in an effort to not have the girls smeared with feces, Fernando picks up the girls one by one, rinses them off with the shower, and transfers them to the other bathroom so he could once again start the process of getting them clean*
*Fernando looks at the tub*
Fernando [to Aylen]: "Ewww. That is going to be disgusting to clean."
*Fernando makes a face of disgust*
Aylen: "It is okay, Mommy will clean it."

*Fernando cleans the girls and then begins playing with the girls, forgetting about the tub, leaving it for Felicia who will be coming home from yoga in need of a shower*

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